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President Thomas S. Monson -- Prophet, seer, and revelator

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Tommy boy Monson is a prophet? Prophesy Tommy! Read the writing of Facsimile No. 3, you useless Mormon prophet, who never prophesies! Tommy the prophet! Let him prophesy and we will verify his words.

jocolor Tommy the greeting card man!!

We verfied Joe Smith's words of Facsimile No. 3 and discovered he was a liar. Now, let Tommy step up to the plate and add to the Facsimile No. 3 and let's watch him make an ass of himself in front of the bleeding heart Mormon crowd.


Tommy, you may now put on your apron. You may say the Masonic words three times. Raise your hands in the air and then reach down and rub your family jewels. Just don't tell your bishop you masturbated!


President Thomas S. Monson -- Prophet, seer, and revelator 051226cricket_monson_buringman

Paul O

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